A&S competition

To get some feedback on what I was painting I descided to participate in the A&S competition. I wanted to make something that was a challenge for me. When I found this original from the Cantebury Tales by Chauser in ’A History of Illuminated Manuscripts’ in Christopher de Hamel I knew that this was the one I just had to try to copy. Unfortunately the gold looks like yellow in the scanned picture.

Finished: 2011-01-04



A filligreed ‘P’

I have seen a whole lot of letters in different manuscripts where the letter itself is rather simple, but inside them and around them are drawn faint, thin curlicues. I have learnt that these are called filligreed letters. I wanted to try to paint one myelf and chose this ‘P’ from a 15th century manuscript.

Finished: 2010-11-28

Original: http://cdm.csbsju.edu/u?/HMMLClrMicr,14499

Not letter, only a frame

I liked making frames a lot. So when I found this original from the 15th century that was only a frame I just had to try it. I did it on an A4 paper, but I think it work better in a bigger format. Then the little picture of the bishop could be included too. As it was now it would have become too small, at least for my skills.

Finished: 2010-11-23

Original: http://cdm.csbsju.edu/u?/HMMLClrMicr,14466

Not just a letter

I liked making illuminated letters, but I wanted to try to do a bit of a border too. Borders are nice, because it frames the text (that eventually will be calligraphied) nicely. I found a nice, not to complicated original from the 15th century that I tried to copy.

Finished: 2010-11-14

Original: http://cdm.csbsju.edu/u?/HMMLClrMicr,14809

My second attempt

At the university I had time to start a second illuminated letter. I chose this ‘U’ because it gave me a chance to try painting with gold. Lady Aryanhwy had gold-gouache so I could paint it just like any other colours, but the finished result looks so much more attractive when it contains some gold. I finished this letter the week after the university was. The original is from the 15th century.

Finished: 2010-11-11

Original: http://cdm.csbsju.edu/u?/HMMLClrMicr,2646

My first try

At the university of Drachenwald I attended a class in illumination held by Lady Aryanhwy merch Catmael. There she taught us the basics of how to make an illuminated latter. I did this one, based on an original from the 14th century. I did the illumination and Lady Aryanhwy has done the calligraphy.

Finished: 2010-11-06.

Original: http://cdm.csbsju.edu/u?/HMMLClrMicr,18072